Why use Mobiliario

Mobiliario are one of the leading manufacturers of designer lounge furniture in the RSA The directors have in excess of 89 years experience in the manufacture of our products. Our couches are manufactured to the highest specifications, to the extent that we provide a 5 year guarantee against faulty workmanship and or materials. Fabric is … Read more Why use Mobiliario

Exotic Leather Range

Exotic Leather Range Mobiliario have, together with our Leather manufacturer, developed a range of Exotic Leather types. These leathers are Cigar, Tobacco and Zambezi Desert. They are on tanned from the highest quality Bovine (cattle) hides. The uniqueness of the processing of these leathers is the effect that we have been striving for. The special … Read more Exotic Leather Range


Leather Genuine leather is a luxurious product of nature.Because of its interwoven mass of fibres, genuine leather combines durability and toughness with comfort and flexibility. As a result of the living, the growth of leather will have natural marks and grain variations.A very important aspect of leather is that each hide has its own “personality” … Read more Leather